The Salad Spot – Create Your Own Lunch!

Mixed Salad with Fresh Ingredients


“They have so many different ingredients to choose from! I love it!”

– Eric Reynolds

The Salad Spot Restaurant is located in San Francisco in the Rincon Center (121 Spear St.) outdoor courtyard. Our family owned and operated restaurant is open Monday through Friday for lunch.

Owners Jayne and Joe are a married couple who just couldn’t retire! After their first careers, and as long-time foodies, they decided to open a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. They saw a great need for healthy food options, and decided to create a salad restaurant where people could make their own with the ingredients they wanted, in the amount they wanted!

Jayne and Joe are dedicated to providing the freshest ingredients, thereby promoting clean eating for a healthy lifestyle. Along with the fantastic salad makings, the Hot Bar offers home-made, good-for-you entrees that really satisfy. Build your own salad and hot bar combo for $7.49/lb.

The Salad Spot strives to cater to the public’s dietary needs by providing only the freshest foods. The restaurant offers options for everyone from gluten-free, to organic and raw food choices, to home-style cooking. The motto of The Salad Spot? “Always Fresh.”

What will you find at The Salad Spot?

  • Over 75 Salad Ingredients
  • Hot and Cold Meats
  • Gourmet Salads
  • Home-Style Soups
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Halal